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Will My Tips Make A Difference?

Frequently Asked Questions.

Anybody can do it. You don't need a cape.
You don't need to be able to leap tall buildings.

All you need is the CloseWatch Harris County app to have the power of information right at your fingertips. The power to report what's happening around where you live, work and play. The power to know what kinds of crimes have been committed in area you might be traveling. The power to make informed decisions about where your life, leisure & loved ones should or shouldn't go. Power to change, "if only i'd known..." into, "now I know, and I make a difference."

What is CloseWatch Harris County?
CloseWatch Harris County is a mobile crime watch tool that you and your neighbors can use to report suspicious or criminal activity. It's a proactive, hands-on, partnership between you, the citizens of Harris County, and the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

  • You can use CloseWatch Harris County in your neighborhood.
  • You can use CloseWatch Harris County in your Crimewatch program.
  • You can use CloseWatch Harris County in your Church.
  • You can use CloseWatch Harris County in Schools.

We have brochures, and Powerpoint materials available for free to help you help us make a difference.

Is This the First Program of Its Type?

Harris County is the first program of its kind. Harris County Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Harris County can work together in an active partnership, to continue to build a great community

Why Hasn't This Kind of App Been Available Until Now?

The smart phone revolution is changing everything, and that includes Community Policing. Once these hurdles were overcome, the solution became a viable tool and this is the result.

You Say Tips Are Anonymous, But What If You Need To Contact Me?

Tips are completely anonymous, but, you can choose to give the Harris County Sheriff's Office your contact data if you feel the tip may require us to contact you.

Your tips are encoded and are absolutely anonymous automatically, and your identity is protected by Federal Law.

Can I use CloseWatch Harris County In My Business?

Absolutely. Keeping your employees and business partners safe is of great importance to us. By sharing the CloseWatch Harris County App with friends, you are helping to not only make your business an informed partner, but helping others to do the same for their families and friends. Then what are you waiting for? Show your support for your community. It doesn't cost a penny, and just thinkļæ½making a difference in someone else's life is worth its weight in gold.

I See A Crime Map, How Often is That Updated?

Every night a new set of data is streamed to the public access server, giving you the most up-to-date information.