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Welcome to CloseWatch.

Send Crime Tips from Your Mobile Phone. Anywhere, Anytime. Anonymously.

What is CloseWatch Harris County?

CloseWatch Harris County is a virtual crime watch that you and your neighbors can use to report behaviors and activities that make you feel uncomfortable or do not look right.

What does it do?

Like traditional neighborhood crime watches, your awareness reported to the police can help solve crimes or even prevent a terrorist attack.

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Take CloseWatch With You

Check Crime Maps On Your Smart Phone

Watch the CloseWatch Harris County Video

If your Public Safety Goal is to be better informed and better aware, start here. It's not just a crime map, it's mobile and free.

What Can I Do With The Map?

With awareness comes the opportunity to make changes--to take action. And CloseWatch is the only mobile app ever created to do just that.

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CloseWatch Harris County Works on iPads.

Use your iPad to View and Report Crimes.

Get Connected

Your iPad or Tablet is a great way to use CloseWatch Harris County. Download the app from the app store, and join the team.

Be Informed

Enter an address into the map, and instantly CloseWatch Harris County will display the crime map for your location or the location of your choice.

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There are four ways to report:

If you see something, say something. It's that simple.

Report Online

On your smartphone? No problem. On your PC? Ditto. In fact, uou can send a report from this website by clicking here:

Send A Text Message

Send an anonymous text, start a live chat, or tell us how we can contact you about a crime.

Send A Quick Tip

Send a quick tip and include up to three photos & video with text. (anonymous)

Send A
Complete Tip

The most detail possible. Send a crime tip with photos, video, text, descriptions, suspect info, location and type of crime.

View Crime Maps in Your Neighborhood

Get the Information You Need to Protect Yourself and Prevent Crime.

Get Connected

Sign up for reports, and get the latest updates every day.

Stay Informed

It's free to use, free to download, and free to sign up.

Share With Others

See something? Share it with others, and let them stay updated.

Help Us, Help You.

We live, work and play in this city. We all benefit from helping others. Let's team up.


What CloseWatch Harris County Means In Our Community

CloseWatch Harris County, Has Great Support & Respect...

The Harris County i-Watch smartphone app is a giant step forward in utilizing technology to fight and report crime. Wireless devices are constantly used daily and i-watch Harris County gives the community a powerful tool in the palm of our hands!

Scott Aronstein, President,Connectivity Source

The CloseWatch Harris County app helps us reach out to a digitally connected community in ways never before possible.

Dan Elliott, Dallas, TX

When Harris County residents see something suspicious, they can now instantaneously let the sheriff's office know about it by using their mobile phones.

Molly Ryan, Impact News, Houston, TX